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You cannot make money online in India

You cannot make money online in India

Those who google the term “How to make money online” don’t even know the basic concept of money. That is why the majority of these search results lead to scams. The easiest way to get money is from a person who has the same urge to make money. People are ripping off each other. First off, you can’t make money.  Money doesn’t work like that. Money is just an instrument to transfer and store value. The government prints money/currency. The game is to earn money online.   

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Earn Money Online V/s Make Money Online 

The majority wants to make quick bucks online. Sometimes they get some but the majority gets scammed. Money is everywhere and more are printed each year. But you have this scarcity of money. This is because you don’t know how money works. Money is earned. There are a lot of means to earn money both online and offline. All you have to do is to make the effort. Nothing comes easy and whatever comes easy won’t stay. 

Work for what you want 

If you are looking for a quick means to make money, Then you are inviting in more scams especially in India. There is a popular saying in Economics “There is no free lunch”. Everything has a price. Money is a transfer of value. Usually, these are the ways to earn money. 

  • You can earn money in exchange for time

     This is the popular method, working by the hour. In short, the employer pays you in exchange for your time and effort in the organization. How much you get paid, depends on the value of your time. This is a commonly adopted scheme as most of the entry job is paid by the hour. What increases the value of your time is the skillset that you possess.   

  • You can earn money in exchange for skill

    The straight forward way to earn money online is to become a specialist and get paid for your work. Earn money online by getting the work done. Employers are looking for a specialist with specific skills. There is always a market for skilled professionals. Learn a skill and sell it to the client. So you are selling your service for payment. Selling is the basic formula for earning money.  

  • You can earn money in exchange for a product

    The most familiar means to earn money is to sell products online. You can sell physical and digital products online in exchange for money. Selling is the basics of every money earning strategy. Sales is also a skill that provides a means to earn money.

  • You can earn money in exchange for money

    You may have heard of the slogan “make money work for you”. It means investment and trading. It may sound easy but the risk is high if you are not prepared. One of the main skill that is required to earn money through trading or investment is financial literacy. 



After reading all these you can see a pattern of the necessary ingredients needed to earn money online like skill, mindset, time, and resources are required to earn money online. Overcome the lazy mindset that earning money online is either too easy or too tough.

What Really HAPPENS

 You will see the gloriously portrait life of a freelancer guru or remote worker and choose to follow that dream. You may take the next step to find out how they achieve this position. Some may turn out to be legit while others are just trying to sell their products/ courses to you. If you have the undying desire to accomplish your dream then everything you want to learn is available online, mostly for free. 

After seeing some videos you may get inspired to do something and after sometimes you may not get immediate gratification. Soon the fire runs out and you give on your dream after few months. Patients and consistency are needed to make your dream come true. 

You will also need a long term mindset

Earning money online means having a consistent stream of income but the popular misconception is that it is a way to earn easy money through referrals and surveys but if you do the math that they are ripping you off and the majority of them may be scams. Don’t waste your time watching ads or doing mindless surveys. Don’t sacrifice your time and skill for short term gratification. Endure and prevail with confidence and patience to achieve success in the long term.

Develop your Skill. Make connections and Earn Online.

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